We have recently moved to Belfast Maine but will be making our way back to Vermont on a regular basis. Feel free to give me a call if there is something you need. I am happy to ship to you,                                                       __________________________________________________________________________________________________________         

 It is time to apply to shows. Here is the list of definites and I will update as I am accepted into more shows. See you there…somewhere!!!!!!


Fri - Sun                      April 12 - 14     Vintage Bazaar                            Portland ME                              https://www.facebook.com/TheVintageBazaar/

Sat and Sun                May 4 & 5        Hill-Stead Museum May Market   Farmington CT                            www.hillstead.org/event/may-market/     

Fri - Sun                      May 31- June 2        Country Living Fair                         Rhinebeck  NY                            www.countryliving.com/life/a4255/country-living-fair 

Sat and Sun June 8 & 9 pro - found vintage market Lancaster, MA https://theprofoundmarket.com/new-events/

Sat and Sun               July 13 & 14       Harbor Arts & Book Fair               Camden ME                           http://librarycamden.org/harbor-arts-and-books-2019/

Fri - Sun Aug 9 - 11 Maine Boat and Home Show Rockland ME https://maineboats.com/boatshow/visitors

Here is the list of shows I have applied to for which I am awaiting jury results. (Pending Acceptance)

Sat and Sun               July 6 & 7         Arts in the Park                              Belfast ME   Pending Acceptance

Sat                              Aug 24              Portland Fine Crafts Festival        Portland ME     Pending Acceptance

Fri - Sun                     Sept 20 - 23       Common Ground Fair                   Unity ME   Pending Acceptance

Sat    Sept 28 Peru Fair Peru VT Pending Acceptance

Fri - Sun Oct 4 - 6 Freeport Fall Festival Freeport ME Pending Acceptance

Sat - Sun Oct 19 - 20 NY Sheep and Wool Festival Rhinebeck NY Pending Acceptance

Sat - Sun Nov 2 - 3 New England Fiber Festival West Springfield MA Pending Acceptance

More to come!




Fri - Sun                      April 20 - 22    Vintage Bazaar                             Portland ME                                http://www.mybazaarlife.com/#&panel1-1   

Saturday                     April 28            Gore Sheep Shearing Festival                                                         goreplace.org/sheepshearing-festival  

Sat and Sun                May 5 & 6        Hill-Stead Museum May Market  Farmington CT                            www.hillstead.org/event/may-market/         

Fri - Sun                      June 1 - 3         Country Living Fair                        Rhinebeck  NY                            www.countryliving.com/life/a4255/country-living-fair 

Sat and Sun               June 9 & 10      Celebrate West Hartford              W Hartford CT                             www.westhartfordct.gov

Wed                            July 4                Wardsboro 4th of July Fair           Wardsboro VT                             http://4thofjulywardsboro.com/           

Sat and Sun               July 7 & 8          Arts in the Park                             Belfast ME                                    http://artsintheparkbelfast.org/     

Sat and Sun               July 15 & 16       Harbor Arts & Book Fair               Camden ME                                 www.librarycamden.org/harbor-arts-and-books-2018/

Thur - Sat                   Aug 9 - 11          NE Harbor Neighborhood House   Northeast Harbor Me                http://artsworth.org/workshops/?event_id1=2143

Sat                              Aug 25              Portland Fine Crafts Festival        Portland ME                                 https://mainecrafts.org/programs/portland-fine-craft-show/

Fri - Sun                     Sept 21 - 23       Common Ground Fair                   Unity ME                                       http://www.mofga.org/theFair

Fri-Sun                       Oct 5 - 7             Freeport Fall Festival                   Freeport ME                                  https://freeportfallfestival.com/

Sat - Sun                    Oct 13 - 14          Roseland WITHDRAWN!!!!            http://shop.historicnewengland.org/FES-ROSELANDART-7533/

TO OUR CUSTOMERS - Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be exhibiting at Roseland this year. This is one of our favorite shows and so many of you come to see us there……. We are very sorry.

Fri - Sun                     Nov 30 - Dec 2  Art on the Hill - Sea Holiday Show    Portland ME                           http://www.seaportland.org/

Sat & Sun                  Dec 15 & 16        Vintage Bazaar                             Portland ME                                  http://www.mybazaarlife.com/#&panel1-4




SATURDAY                  APRIL 29            Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival      Waltham MA              goreplace.org/sheepshearing-festival

SAT and SUN              MAY 6 & 7          Hill - Stead Museum May Market             Farmington CT          http://www.hillstead.org/event/may-market-2017/  

SAT and SUN              JUNE 10 & 11       Celebrate West Hartford                          W Hartford CT            https://www.westhartfordct.gov/gov/departments/leisure/celebrate/

Tuesday                  July 4               Wardsboro Fourth of July              Wardsboro VT        http://4thofjulywardsboro.com/

SAT and SUN              JULY 15 & 16       Harbor Arts & Books Fair                         Camden ME               http://www.librarycamden.org/harbor-arts-and-books-2016/

SAT and SUN              August 12 & 13      Mystic Outdoor Art Festival                    Mystic CT                  https://www.facebook.com/MysticOutdoorArtFestival/

Sat and Sun           Sept  9 & 10      Laudholm Nature Craft Festival    Wells ME                http://www.wellsreserve.org

Sat                          Sept 23             Peru Fair                                          Peru VT                 http://www.perufair.org/

Sat and Sun           Oct 7 & 8          Newfane Heritage Festival             Newfane VT           http://newfaneheritagefestival.blogspot.com/

Sat and Sun           Oct 14 & 15       Roseland Fine Art and Craft Fest   Woodstock CT       http://shop.historicnewengland.org/FES-ROSELANDART-7533/

Sun and Mon         Nov 5 & 6         2017 Barn Boutique                         Concord MA          Concord Country Club 246 Old Road    Sat 10-5 Sun 10-4 info call 978-314-0393  

Sat and Sun           Dec 9 & 10       Shindy at Shire City Sanctuary         Pittsfield MA         https://www.facebook.com/SCSanctuary/