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It's simple....kind of! You send me a high resolution image of your favorite pooch....or other critter....and I paint it on one of the shapes below. When you choose an image to send, please select one of good quality, detail and lighting. your best friend needs to have light in his/her eyes to look alive! Here are three recent portraits that I painted. Look at those eyes!

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pieces for portraits

pieces for portraits

Size A     $ 185 plus UPS shipping*         Large Square       14.5"

Size B     $ 175 plus UPS shipping*         Metro Rectangle  14.5" x 10.5"

Size C     $ 150 plus UPS shipping*        Rimmed Square    11.25 "

Pitcher   $ 160 plus UPS shipping*         Tall Pitcher             10" 

* Most dogs will fit the above price structure, but if you have a dog that is particularly challenging to paint, I will let you know and will need to adjust the cost.


I am a one woman show, so delivery is dependent on orders on hand. I accept a limited number of orders from June through December when I am creating for farmer's markets and shows so ordering during the winter months will ensure that you have your piece for later in the year. At the same time I try to accommodate all orders.

PS   I LOVE painting portraits.